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Injection Moulding

We have over 25 years of experience in plastic injection moulding. Partnering with various OEM suppliers, we design and mould custom plastic parts up to 150 grams. We have our own back end tool room support, which ensures quality and timelines are adhered to. 

More than manufacturing injection moulded parts, our strength lies in the fact that we partner with our customers in the most critical part of packaging development – designing. We help design and provide various options for packaging of a product. We also help in material selection. Post these decisions, we design quality, long life moulds in our tool room. We have stringent quality inspection guidelines, part inspections; carefully setting out tolerances, cycle times, and material flows etc. 

We believe automation is the future and are continuously investing in upgrading our machines and in innovating our shop floor practices and trainings. 

We have 5 state of art moulding machines, ranging from a capacity of 20 tonnes to 120 tonnes. We import our machinery from Taiwan, as well as develop custom machines with our local partners, depending upon our requirement. 

To provide consistent quality, every machine and every person plays a key role, following controlled procedures, work instructions, process flows, quality checking and inspection at every stage from raw material receipt to good dispatch. 


Spanner racks

Abhishek enterprises pioneered the concept of packaging spanners in racks for better transport. These racks are also used on shop floors for better visual management. They can be used for different types of wrenches – open ended, box end, combination wrench etc. They can be customised for size, colour and design. We make wall hanging ones as well as table top racks.

Allen key boxes
The allen keys do not get mixed up in transport. They are easy to locate on the shopfloor when needed. 

The boxes can be customised for design and colour. We also give branding if required on the boxes. 


Magnetic trays
These trays are used in garages and shop floors to hold nuts, screws, bolts, so that these consumables are not lost. The trays can be attached to any metallic surface, for example the surface of a car and can be used to store spares. In household use, these can be attached to the refrigerator / or kept on dressers for easy storage of hair pins, safety pins etc.


End caps

These are used to secure paper, plastic rolls.

Bigger end caps are used as protective covers for engineered products.


Swimming pool strips

These injection molded strips come in standard sizes. They can be customised for colour. 

They are designed to be sturdy and hold weight. 

Furniture Industry

Our injection molded parts are supplied to the furniture industry. Planes, flanges for chairs etc can be designed and customised as per customer requirement


After market sales

Injection molded boxes of various dimension, suited to the product to be packed, are the most safe and visually appealing method for spares in the after market sales. We design and manufacture these to suit customer’s requirement.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Abhishek enterprises supplies rotors, used to check blood samples, to the pharma industry. These are of supreme quality made with imported acrylic material for transparency.


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