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High Frequency PVC welding

 Abhishek Enterprises is the pioneer in the field of high frequency PVC welding in Marathwada region. 

High frequency welding (often abbreviated HF welding or RF welding) is a manufacturing process where two plastic parts are welded together using an electromagnetic field. We have the most diverse set up of PVC welding machines and equipment in the region. 

We have skilled manpower, a pre requisite of this process, and have an experience of 20 years in this field.

Abhishek enterprises manufactures high quality and durable PVC bags, made with tetron material. These are used for storing and selling blankets, quilts, clothes etc. Sxcreen printed branding on the bags make them visually appealing. These bags can be customised for size, colour and printed branding

Tool Kits and Pouches

Abhsihek enterprises is a pioneer in the supply of tool kit pouches used in two wheelers and four wheelers. We supply the pouches of Bajaj, hyundai, Mahindra. 

These can be customised for colour, design, size  and screen printed branding.


Wrench Set Rolls

A tool organiser for wrenches of various sizes. The standard wrenches can be fit into slots on this roll and carried easily. 

These are especially useful for maintenance teams. 

Electrical Kits Packaging

A tool organizer set for technicians. We supply these sets to maintenance engineers of Mahavitaran.It includes a tester, spanner, hammer, screwdriver etc. These can be designed to include various tools and can be customised for size and colour.


ATM Card Cover and FD pouch

We supply ATM card covers and FD pouches to various banks. These can be customised for design, colour and branding 



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