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Blister / Thermoforming process

Blister forming, is fast becoming the most common form of packaging for numerous sectors due to its versatility across materials and applications. Abhishek Enterprises has experience in this form of packaging for the last 20 years, and we have developed a knowledge base of expertise in this field. We are the pioneers of blister packaging in Marathwada.

We offer complete end to end solutions – including 3D design to help you visualize the packaging of the component, guidance regarding the best suited material for your product and finally time bound supply timelines. 

We currently provide blister packaging to automotive, engineering, retail, food, pharma, construction sector. This packaging is reliable, has high strength and is easy to use. Designed in compliance with high quality standards, we use quality raw material, controlled manufacturing systems and online checking and inspection methods. 

Abhishek Enterprises has over 25 years of in this field, with dedicated manpower for design and development six state-of-the-art machines.

We use HIPS, PET, PVC, PP HDPE and ABS for blister forming depending on the product that is to be packaged.

For information on advantages of blister packaging download the file.


Auto and Engineering Sector

We provide packaging for various auto parts – bearings, shafts, gears, crank pins, piston rings. The trays are made in HIPS,PP,PET and PVC depending on the product to be packed and OTS properties


Packaging for Auto Components


Food and Perishables Industry 

We provide – Muffin trays, cupcake trays, chocolate trays, ladoo trays Pan trays Various containers for food industry, including lunch and snack boxes


Retail and Aftermarket Sales Industry 

The main goal of packaging in this industry is asthetics. The packaging needs to be visually appealing. Abhishek enterprises works with the customer to understand his needs, product specifications and we design packaging to suit the requirement.

Pharma Industry

We supply trays in various material and sizes for pharmaceutical companies for storage and transportation of needles, vials, disposable pens.


Mobile Tray Boxes

We provide mobile tray boxes to various companies for safe transport of the product. Since these are sold to the customers directly, they are also made visually appealing. The trays come in various colours and can be customised for design

Trays upto 1200 X 1200 mm

Transport and Storing weighted components - gears, engine parts Comes with easy stacking Minimal part to tray contact Can replace plastic bins Are reusable


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