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About Us

Quality Policy

We at Abhishek Enterprises aim to achieve customer satisfaction by providing; 

1. Consistent Product Quality 

2. Prompt Service 

3. Competitive Price

This is achieved by implementing quality systems and through continual improvements in products & process in a friendly atmosphere.

With a young team of engineers and management graduates, the business is growing keeping in mind the values with which it was set up. Customer requirement is of primary importance. Any solution to be workable needs to meet the requirement perfectly, in the most competent, cost effective manner.  Innovation drives our business. We strive to provide our customers up-to-date packaging solutions. We invest in new, automated technology, conduct research on different raw materials and have a skilled manpower base.   


Our strength lies in our strong back end and our in-house design and development team. We use the latest soft wares for all our designs. To facilitate our customers further will provide quick 3D samples for fitment trials and approvals in the near future.

We are currently in the process of ordering a VMC machine so that we can provide quick samples to our customers for fitment trials and approvals. 

We understand that being a packaging product, we have to innovate and supply within timelines. We are partners to our customers, where we provide all services to the from concept to commissioning.  


From the Directors’ Desk


Anil Deshpande

Anil Deshpande graduated with a Bachelor's in Engineering in mechanical engineering from VJTI, Mumbai in 1980, followed by a diploma in Marketing Management from Pune University. 

He worked with Tata Motors for two years after graduation. He joined Daimler Mercedes (Oman) in 1981. In 1988, he returned to Indian and together with Anil Mirashi started Abhishek Engineering Works, the first manufacturing set-up of Abhishek Group, making injection molded products. He is the guiding force behind the marketing strategy of the company. 


Anil Mirashi

Anil Mirashi graduated with a Bachelor's in Engineering in mechanical engineering from COEP, Pune in 1981 and a diploma in Business Management from Symbiosis. Thereafter, he joined Kirloskar Cummins as a trainee engineer and worked there for 8 years. In 1988 he went to Aurangabad, to start his own entrepreneurial start up and met Anil Deshpande. Their passion of design and engineering led to the creation of abhishek enterprises. Together, they started the first unit. Slowly, they specialised in catering to the packaging requirements of the customer and added one manufacturing process after another. He is the technical genius and guiding force behind the manufacturing and systems team in the company.


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