Abhishek Group

  • AddressM107/5/1 MIDC, Waluj, Aurangabad 431136

Abhishek Group

  • AddressM107/5/1 MIDC, Waluj, Aurangabad 431136

Abhishek Group

Injection Moulding Products

Spanner Racks​

Abhishek enterprises are the manufacturer of injection moulding products and pioneered the concept of packaging spanners in racks for better transport. Spanner Rack help you organise your spanners. 

We are leading suppliers of Spanner Racks used for transportation. These racks are also used on shop floors for better visual management. 

Rack can be used for different types of wrenches – open ended, box end, combination wrench etc. It can be customised for size, colour and design. We make wall hanging ones as well as table top racks.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of Spanner Racks in India; look no further.
We make various different combinations of Spanner Racks to suit your needs. Speak with our team today to get a customized solution. 

Get Customized Spanner Rack for your business needs. We are a qualified team of Metallurgical & Mechanical Engineers. We offer various range and combination Spanner Racks. 

We are also an exporter of Spanner Rack. If you are sourcing a quality and customized Spanner rack from India then let us talk to our expert teams now. 

If you are interested in Sole Agency for hand tool products and have a client who is in need of Spanner Racks then please check our Sole Agency enrolment program. 

Allen key boxes​

At Abhishek we make affordable but durable Allen Key boxes. Request our top collection of Allen Key boxes. Speak with our team today. 

At Abhishek we ensure we offer tailor made solutions to suit your business needs.  You can customize shapes, sizes and colours to suit your needs. 

Let us not play lost and found games. We must ensure the boxes do not get mixed at the time of transportation. Speak with our team for one such solution. 

On Shop floor as well, these boxes are easy to locate. 

Are you looking for a branding solution? 

Yes, at Abhishek we can help you in printing your brand name on your Allen key boxes. Get a free advice on how to plan an inventory and save your time during transportation. Speak with our team now.

Magnetic trays

Get the best deals on Magnetic Tray Other Hand Tools when you shop the best and affordable online selection at Abhishek. 

Magnetic trays are used in garages and shop floors to hold nuts, screws, bolts and so on. The magnetic tray can help in effective shop floor management. The tray can be attached to any metallic surface, for example a surface of a car and this surface can be used to store spare parts. 

The magnet can be used for household purposes as well. It can be attached to a cupboard or refrigerator to store items required for day to day purpose. 

At Abhishek we use powerful magnets on base for affixing onto metal objects. At Abhishek we have magnetic trays available for sale in different sizes, shapes and for different purposes. 

The wider application of magnetic trays is in shop floor management, garages and also for storing today items. 

If you are looking for one such solution please speak with our team now. 

End caps

If you are looking for a reliable supplier, manufacturer, or an exporter of end caps then please speak with our team today. 

End caps are often built into the shelving or racks of the retail aisle system

Get a quote on Tube End Caps required to secure paper, and plastic rolls. We also make bigger end caps that are used as protective covers for engineered products.

If you are looking for something very customized to suit your business needs please do not hesitate to contact our expert engineer team today.

Swimming Pool Stripes

We make injection moulded strips come in standard sizes. They are designed to be sturdy and hold weight. Be rest assured we can make the most sturdy and tough swimming pool stripes. We are known in this domain for making the most durable and extremely tough pool stripes.

We can customize swimming pool stripes to suit your brand colour. 

Swimming pool strips

These injection moulded strips come in standard sizes. They can be customised for colour. 

They are designed to be sturdy and hold weight. 

Furniture Industry

Our injection moulded parts are supplied to the furniture industry. Planes and flanges are widely used in furniture industry for making chairs and similar other products. At Abhishek we can be design and customize products such as Planes and Flanges as per your requirements.

After-market sales - Injection Moulding Box

We are a manufacturer, supplier and an exporter of Injection Moulding boxes.  The Injection moulded boxes are best suited for product packaging. We design and manufacture these to suit customer’s requirements.

The product is best suited for transporting Spare parts as a part of aftermarket sales. Well designed and well branded aftermarket is a winning strategy for most businesses. Do not compromise on aftermarket service. 

Gets well designed and well branded injection moulding boxes for your business. Our creative team will help you find the right solution for your business. Good Companies these days do realize the importance of providing spare parts and after-sales services. 

Speak with our experts today and get FREE ideas on aftermarket injection moulding boxes. Talk to our team if you are looking Injection Moulding Containers, Injection Moulding Containers manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India.

Rotors for Pharmaceutical industry.

We at Abhishek make rotors for the Pharmaceutical industry. The rotors have wide application in the Pharmaceutical industry in particular to store blood samples. We make supreme quality made with imported acrylic material. We make transparent rotors. 

We make rotors in all sizes and shapes. You can send us our requirements and our team will get in touch with you. We can make a few samples to try and test.

Our Processes

Injection Moulding

Over 25 Years of Expertise

We have over 25 years of experience in plastic injection moulding. Partnering with various OEM suppliers, we design and mould custom plastic parts up to 150 grams. We have our own back end tool room support, which ensures quality and timelines are adhered to. 

More than being a  manufacturer of injection molding products, our strength lies in the fact that we partner with our customers in the most critical part of packaging development – designing. We help design and provide various options for packaging of a product. We also help in material selection. Post these decisions, we design quality, long life moulds in our tool room. We have stringent quality inspection guidelines, part inspections; carefully setting out tolerances, cycle times, and material flows etc. 


We believe automation is the future and are continuously investing in upgrading our machines and in innovating our shop floor practices and trainings. 

We have 5 state of art moulding machines, ranging from a capacity of 20 tonnes to 120 tonnes. We import our machinery from Taiwan, as well as develop custom machines with our local partners, depending upon our requirement. 

To provide consistent quality, every machine and every person plays a key role, following controlled procedures, work instructions, process flows, quality checking and inspection at every stage from raw material receipt to good dispatch.