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AT's Magnetic Organizer Tray


Anil Tool presents the 6″ magnetic tray to ensure you never lose your clips, pins, nuts, bolts every again. Keep this asthetic looking magnetic tray handy to catch all your knick knacks and place them in one place. Can be used in your home garage, in your home, kitchen, dresser or just about anywhere.

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This product can be used in your home garage, in your home, kitchen, dresser or just about anywhere.

Get the best deals on Magnetic Tray Other Hand Tools when you shop the best and affordable online selection at Abhishek.

Magnetic trays are used in garages and shop floors to hold nuts, screws, bolts and so on. The magnetic tray can help in effective shop floor management.

The tray can be attached to any metallic surface, for example a surface of a car and this surface can be used to store spare parts. The product is widely used in garages for effective shop floor management. This product can also be used by individual users.

Organizing Pins at the sewing table can be a little annoying.

Sometimes you carefully need to pick pins one by one or you may drop a few pins on the floor.
This magnetic pin holder will help you with any sewing projects you may have and it will help you organize your work in an effective manner. Say goodbye to Hide and seek ! Simply organize your sewing tables more effectively. The Magnetic Pin Holder has a powerful magnet that will catch all of your pins. It will save your time as you don’t need to pick up pins one by one or spend time organizing your pins. Use a Magnetic Pin Holder for your needs. Save your time to pick up and keep track of pins and needles easily.

Organize your hair clips, pins
Never lose your pins again!

The magnetic can be used for household purposes as well. It can be attached to the cupboard or refrigerator to store items required for day to day purpose.

At Abhishek we use powerful magnets on base for affixing onto metal objects. At Abhishek we have magnetic trays available for sale in different sizes, shapes and for different purposes.

The wider application of magnetic trays is in shop floor management, garages and also for storing items required for day today usage.

If you are looking for one such solution please speak with our team now. Check out our magnetic pin holder to organize your items required for your daily needs.

The magnetic tool comes in lovely colour, strong magnet, and clever design. It keeps all your ping aligned and organized at one place.The magnetic organizer tray keeps all my pins safe. Just pull out and simply throw at the pin holder. Be rest assured it is there to catch it. The best thing about the magnetic organizer tray is it has very strong magnets. Keep pins safe and away from toddlers. This product is perfect for your day today needs.

If you throw multiple pins at the product then it will grab and put the pins in the correct position automatically, even when you have a lot of pins on top already.

Stop worrying about Stray pins and similar such products. The product is useful to hold badges as well.

Check out our magnetic pin holder. We make the best and unique designs. The sturdy magnetic pin holder to keep all of your pins at one place effortlessly. It features a strong magnet, this tool is large enough to hold 100+ pins. It is a must-have product for crafts, home, garages to organize small screws and at the office to store pins. It can hold small badges too.

Just in case if you have dropped any pin on the floor just brush over this magnetic organizer tray on your floor to grab it.

Organize your home or office desk space

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AT's Magnetic Organizer Tray